What's the future for Geelong?

With all the jobs lost in manufacturing I don’t believe manufacturing in the auto industry will continue.

It’s pretty sad. I’ve got a few work mates who’ll probably lose their homes. It’s not good.

The bills don’t get any cheaper, they just keep going up & you’ve still got to pay them.

I’ve been in the same place for 30 years. I’ll stick it out to the end. It’s not over til it’s over.

This government’s not going to help us. We’ve got to help ourselves, get out there and fight for our jobs. Geelong can come back, but it won’t be overnight.



I work at Target head office here in Geelong.  My daughter works here too.  It’s a very uncertain time at work.  Target made 260 staff redundant last year and there are constant rumours about further job losses so everyone’s really concerned about the future.

Geelong’s a good community, we can get through this but we’ve got to fire up.  We need a government that is willing to step in and support jobs. 

This is an election year and if my colleagues and I are anything to go by, Denis Napthine should be worried about his job.

The Real Story is all about working people in Victoria telling our stories about what's really happening under the current Government. The media doesn't cover our stories so we're covering them ourselves. We're speaking to our friends and communities, and telling them THE REAL STORY.

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