Stand up for Victorian jobs

Victoria's unemployment rate, as at July 2014, is 7%. 

There are 215,000 Victorians who can’t find work. That is 61 800 more than when this Liberal Government took power.

That means an average of 46 people join the unemployment line every single day of this government.

Despite this, Denis Napthine's government has ignored calls to develop a jobs plan. On big infrastructure projects, his government sends public money offshore, failing to provide jobs for Victorians. 

These Victorian workers, from our docks, our steel-makers and building sites, have had enough: watch their real story, then sign the petition to support Victorian jobs!


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    Sign the petition: Stand up for Victorian jobs
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    Sign the petition: Stand up for Victorian jobs
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    Youth unemployment and unemployment in remote Australia is of particular concern.
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    Like Billy I was retrenched from the steel industry some years back, the liberal government in general have turned their back on manufacturing in Australia,Need for greed, is driving this its all about more profit with no consideration for hard working Aussie’s from all backgrounds making this the lucky country.But that has all come to a sad end under successive liberal government.
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    Sign the petition: Stand up for Victorian jobs
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    It is not just young people, I am 61, had to give up my job when my partner came to need more care, when he passed I decided to return to Victoria, that was almost 3 years ago. I studied and gained a Dual Cert.4 but without the 2-3 yrs experiance I am unable to get work in my chosen field, even though I have some 40 yrs experience in the workforce, currently living in my small old motorhome as Centrelink is not enough to rent a home….not how I envisiged my ‘dotage’!
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