We need jobs we can count on

I believe that Every Worker Counts in Australia.


The people I represent at work are already doing it tough and cannot afford the cuts the Federal Government is proposing. Our wage increases have been falling below CPI. This means that every year our wages are undercut and the gap between us and the poverty line gets smaller.


We don't want much but we believe everyone has the right to a living wage. I also believe that everyone has the right to a safe and secure job; a job you can count on.


But in Victoria, we now have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and regional unemployment rates are even higher.


The Napthine government has shown no support for the more than 200,000 Victorians who can’t find work. Unemployment is growing 12 times faster than the creation of new jobs.


And another 277,000 people can’t find enough work.


In my view, we need a plan to invest in job-creating projects in regional areas. We also need to invest in TAFEs to give young people the skills and training needed to start a career and give them certainty for the future. This very important with youth unemployment in regional Victoria sitting around 25%


We need a change of government. Only with a change of government will Victoria's job crisis be turned around. A lot of people ask me "Why do you get involved, what difference can one person make?" As a union delegate I see first-hand the power of people coming together and the difference we can make if we stand as one in solidarity.


If all Victorians can unite on 29 November and put the Liberals last on their ballot papers then we can rebuild Victoria and fix the mess that Napthine has made.

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