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"No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, and no cuts to the ABC or SBS” - Tony Abbott's promise before the last election. Sign the Petition

Hospital care suffers due to bed shortages

Regional Victorian nurse/paramedic Anita describes how patients are suffering due to a lack of hospital beds. Read more
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Hospital ramping crisis

Regional Nurse/Paramedic Anita, who works in Victoria's north, describes how a lack of hospital beds is impacting on patient care and on paramedics, who have to leave bush patients waiting for hours due to hospital congestion. Read more
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Save South Stone Lodge

Werribee's South Stone Lodge is a public specialist psycho-geriatric facility. But the Napthine Government is selling off South Stone lodge, leaving residents, staff, and their families without certainty for the future. Read more
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Nursing under Napthine

Many people think they know what nurses do, but there’s more than the task you see us perform; what you can’t see is the clinical judgement, the assessments, the constant re-prioritising of needs, so that what can seem really straightforward from the bed is more complicated on the floor. Some of that is inevitable, but some of it is made... Read more
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Cost cutting in health isn't sustainable

Working in pathology labs made Jimmy feel like an important part of the health system. With the increasing reliance on pathology for diagnosis and treatment, it made perfect sense for Jimmy to work in pathology – it combined his passions for science and wanting to improve the lives of others. “I used to work as a medical scientist in pathology.... Read more
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Defend disability services with the Johnsons

Deb is a proud mum of her four beautiful kids.  But her family is facing down a crisis, and she doesn't know what the outcome will be. Sign the Petition

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Where are the 800 beds?

Before the last election, the Liberal party promised they'd deliver 800 new hospital beds to ease surgery waiting lists. But since then we have not seen one new bed delivered! Late last year my colleagues and I realised that the Napthine Government was having difficulty delivering the 800 beds it had promised us.  So we found a hospital bed on eBay and... Read more
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Fix the health crisis

Dear Premier Napthine I value our health services. But under your government, we've seen: 800 promised hospital beds NOT DELIVERED Privatisation of 805 aged care beds Blowouts in hospital waiting times A crisis in ambulance response times We need a government that values health services - we need to fund health services properly. Sign the Petition

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