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Work Insecurity for Teachers

The Napthine government's short-sighted policies toward teachers and their pay is also impacting upon students, whose teachers can't perform at their best when they are worried about constantly re-applying for their job. They say it distracts them from the job at hand - educating the next generation of Victorians.


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Work Insecurity for Teachers

Many Victorian teachers face the insecurity of having to live on year-by-year contracts, rather than full-time ongoing employment. They find it difficult to secure rental properties, let alone mortgages. Ivan is on a one year contract, and says he can't afford to start the family he so desperately wants.   Read more
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Equal Pay Day

  Today is equal pay day. Carolina, an early childhood educator, explains what that means to her.   Read more
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Put education first

Dear Premier Napthine I value Victoria's schools and the work of our teachers. The $600million your government has cut from education will impact: VCAL co-ordinators Literacy and numeracy programs Regional support for schools Apprentices support programs such as Reading Recovery and Koori specialists Cutting funding to Victorian schools means Victorian children will be left behind.  This election, I'll vote to... Sign the Petition

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Teachers speak up

The Napthine Government's cuts to education mean staff and programs are being cut from our schools. Support staff, and programs like "Reading Recovery" have been cut, so Victorian kids get less individual attention. Without this support, some kids are getting left behind.  Tell Denis Napthine to put education first: Sign the petition and support our teachers.  Read more
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A better future built with TAFE

Hi, my name’s Rod. I’m a spray painter, and I’m a proud member of the National Union of Workers. I built my future by going to TAFE and taking advantage of the vocational education and training opportunities that TAFE offers. Read more
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Stop the Cuts to TAFE!

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