A better future built with TAFE

I went through school being the kid that didn’t fit in and I thought poorly of myself. And when you’re that kid that doesn’t fit in, school can be a tough place.

After leaving school I decided to go to TAFE to gain skills and knowledge and get a vocation – something I could always fall back on.  As it turned out it was the only education I have received that made sense to me. 

"with job losses across Victoria and cuts to TAFE, I’m seriously worried about the future for Victorian kids. Working at McDonalds and Safeway are not a future or a career

My decision to go to TAFE has set me up.

It has set me up with the skills and confidence I needed to have continuous work for 30 years – it taught me a trade and a business. And because of TAFE I’ve been able to help build a paint shop that has kept up to 120 people employed for the last 10 years.

I’m one of the lucky ones, and it’s because of TAFE.

I think all Victorians want to make sure that all of our kids have opportunities in life like I had to gain valuable technical skills and knowledge. But with job losses across Victoria and cuts to TAFE, I’m seriously worried about the future for Victorian kids. Working at McDonalds and Safeway are not a future or a career.


The Napthine Government’s attacks on vocational education and training

has led to TAFE campuses closing, courses wound up and highly dedicated and committed teaching staff leaving for other states. 

Without fully-funded TAFEs there will be many kids like me, who will leave school and not have the opportunities to get the skills they need to build a better future.

Ultimately the Napthine Government is letting down me, my family and all Victorians by continuing its cuts to TAFE funding and ignoring the ever-growing skills gap.

For me it’s simple: Trades training and TAFE equals a career not just a job.

The Real Story is all about working people in Victoria telling our stories about what's really happening under the current Government. The media doesn't cover our stories so we're covering them ourselves. We're speaking to our friends and communities, and telling them THE REAL STORY.

Passionate about protecting our rights? Join us to make a difference for Victoria. 


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